About us

Friends of Benson Library (FOBL) was established in 2011 to save Benson Library from closure. Our longer term objective is to ensure the continued presence of a public lending library in Benson and to promote its use.

We reached an agreement with Oxfordshire County Library Services (OCLS) and our purpose is to:

  1. raise funds towards staff costs (currently approximately £4,000 per annum) to ensure there is always a professional member of staff on duty whenever the library is open (currently 30 hours per week).
  2. recruit and organise volunteers to accompany the staff at all times for those same hours
  3. support the library by working with OCLS to improve the library service and experience for the community.

Friends of Benson Library aims to ensure that Benson Library stays open and remains a benefit to the whole community by:

  1. attracting new library members and new Friends of Benson Library supporters
  2. raising awareness and education about the services offered by the library
  3. encouraging the use of the library by people of all ages
  4. fundraising and sponsorship
  5. helping to safeguard the future of the library and development innovations

Friends of Benson’s highest priorities are:

  1. to raise the profile of, and encourage the use of Benson Library as a village asset
  2. develop engagement with schools
  3. develop the library service that reflects the needs of the library user
  4. establish a broad Trustee base from across the community
  5. diversifying fundraising to reduce reliance on single income streams

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